i was bored and made this.
should I use it?
im going to die from laughing.
6:11 am
tags:wtf  LOL  omg  make it stop  funny  tired  
it’s late and i can’t stop laughing at this


since everyone is shit talking, may I just say that the announcer girl’s outfit is fucking disgusting.
heels DO NOT go with that outfit, girl. omg. SO TACKY.
this bitch needs to hire a stylist.
i took a screenshot of this dog from a youtube vid and put some purikura on it.
enjoy, bitches.
Sad but true, bitch. #animalcrossing #nintendo (Taken with Instagram)
Get your own #internet losers. #routernames (Taken with Instagram)
8:35 pm
tags:summer  hot  winter time pls  
fuck summer

it’s too hot.

I cant wait for this shit to be over.